VLT1 Web Site

The goal of this website is to serve as a forum for residents of Valley Lo Towers I Condominium to communicate with one another.

To achieve this goal, the VLT1 Web Site will:
  • serve as a repository for important documents regarding governance, administration, financial matters, maintenance, and the like
  • facilitate communication between the residents and the board of directors
  • facilitate communication between and among the residents
  • enhance owner involvement in all facets of condominium life
  • serve as an accessible and easy-to-use interface to these services
We hope that you use and enjoy this site.

The most recent incarnation of the Valley Lo Towers I Condominium web site has greatly benefited by suggestions given me by Shelley Riskin (2000 Chestnut). Her expertise in organizing various topics and prioritizing their placement with the menu will facilitate retrieval of information that is available on the website. I want to publicly acknowledge Shelley's significant contribution to the current version of the website.


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